Mold Spores

Where can mold grow in Greenville? Mold will grow anywhere there is moisture, warmth, and oxygen. It can also survive in cold and dry places. Areas of high humidity and condensation are good places to find mold and mildew. Interior walls of a home or facility near the areas of moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, [...]


What is Lead? Lead is a naturally occurring mineral found deep in the earth in abundant supply. Even small amounts of lead are dangerous to humans and animals. Where can I find lead in the Greenville area? Lead can be found every where in our environment. It can be found in our air, water, soil [...]


Where is Asbestos Found in the Greenville area? WHERE CAN I FIND ASBESTOS? Asbestos is found in a variety of construction materials and manufactured goods. Resistant to heat, fire, damage by chemicals and affordability made it particularly attractive in commercial, residential, and industrial construction. Where asbestos may be found: Wall board Plaster and drywall compound [...]